Why do I need a Membership?

community over competition!

TPW – A Regional Women’s Directory

Community above competition is our motto! Texas Panhandle Women  is managed and based in the Texas Panhandle. We are an online Panhandle WOMEN’S website and paid directory guide that captures the beauty, spirit and imagination of everything that makes us great – US. The women in the 806 are bold, resilient and forward thinking. The pages throughout this website are full of valuable information provided by our women —  an eclectic mix who put the Texas Panhandle on the map. Membership in the group will entitle you entry to many functions and member benefits.

  • Individual Memberships $40/year
  • Business Memberships (include full listing in directory AND promotion of your listing) $100/year

This PAID DIRECTORY was created to provide a comprehensive Texas Panhandle Women’s Business directory without all the “fluff”. Local media does not give much exposure to businesses and attractions that don’t invest in advertising and many directory sites are filled with intrusive ads, popups, and inaccurate information. In addition, many directory sites also profit off of business to business advertising competition, which can tip the scales and present biased recommendations.The directory is promoted through every media outlet available.

We aim to fill a niche to support Texas Panhandle women owned businesses and attractions. This site does not generate revenue from ad farming, pay-per-click models or other third-party advertisers. We would like your experience with texaspanhandlewomen.com to be fun and hassle-free as possible. We truly value your support and certainly hope that you would recommend us to others.

Brown Bag community

Women supporting each other with social media workshops.

Why TPW?

With the many already established directory sites out there, you might be wondering – “Why TPW?”

TexasPanhandleWomen.com is all about the local women’s businesses and job experience in the Texas Panhandle. Whether you are living local or traveling like a local we aim to provide a comprehensive directory of the best experiences that are exclusive to the islands in a beautiful and functional Hawaii directory.

What does it cost?

You can have an ANNUAL individual or business membership.

Currently the cost of individual membership is $40 per year and renews on your subscription date each year. You can cancel your membership at any time for the annual fee will not be refunded unless you request that it be refunded.

A business membership which includes a comprehensive listing in the directory along with social media promotions of your business is $100 per year. You can cancel your membership at any time for the annual fee will not be refunded unless you request that it be refunded.

How do I get a BUSINESS listing?

Join the BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP list by creating an account and logging in, then submit your listing.

The listings you find on this site are Texas Panhandle women’s submissions by those who have enjoyed your services, products, or community. But if you don’t see your listing on the site yet, feel free to add a listing, it’s only $20 per year and will be promoted on every available social media outlet!

Please note, that to be listed on this website you must be based in the Texas Panhandle. However, exceptions will be made for online shops that have a significant connection to the region and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Can I edit my listing?

Certainly! Just use the “Login” to your account form found on your listing or contact us at happytexann@gmail.com. Modify your listing to suit your needs.

Can I remove my listing?

Of course you can, but we hope you won’t! Every listing helps other women FIND YOU! f your listed business has ceased operations, please open or login to your account and simply remove your listing or contact us at happytexann@gmail.com

Can I advertise on TPW?

 Yes…and no. Your listing on this site serves as advertising for you. You are welcome to share your listing through any mediums of your choice. However, we do not offer exclusive or premium placement at this time, nor do we sell additional advertising space and/or banners.

How can I stay updated on new listings?

(Just go to the JOIN US page and fill out the information and you’ll be on our monthly/occasional newletter list.)