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humble beginnings.
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Our group is designed to encourage and support rural women leaders and entrepreneurs, who are on the front lines of community action but may not have the traditional titles and resources of community leaders. We strive to create a gathering that connects rural women to one another, fortifying them, and giving them more tools for leadership and growth.

Roseann Mayer

Roseann Mayer

From the Governor’s Forum for Women Entrepreneurs to founding a group for Texas Panhandle Women to build their businesses, thank you for joining and being part of our grass roots movement. We’re growing our businesses and building communities that our children will want to return to.

Amanda Askew

Amanda is key in keeping us on track. Maybe I should say, keeping Roseann on task. Otherwise, she’s milking goats, making soaps, riding the pasture to check livestock, and everything else that is needed of this rural entrepreneur to run her household. She’s a go-getter and all about helping others.